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Platinum Shield Undercoating - $149.95
You want and deserve noiseless, agreeable transportation. Platinum Shield Sound Protection is exclusively formulated to provide a sound deadening defence for your vehicle's undercarriage, reducing road and engine noise otherwise transmitted to the passenger compartment. Platinum Shield Undercoat Protection also provides temperature insulation and a barrier to rust, stone, and gravel abrasion. Platinum Shield Sound Protection is a resilient product which will not crack or peel under any weather or road condition.

Platinum Shield Rust Proofing - $149.95
Salt, rain and humidity attack every part of a vehicle, even those areas you cannot see. By the time rust is visible, your vehicle's appearance and integrity will already be undermined. In an effort to reduce weight, manufacturers are using thinner sheet metal and other metal components, making rust protection more important than ever. To protect all metal areas against rust, professionals use Platinum Shield Rust Proofing. It is a heavy duty formulation designed specifically to seal out rust. Using a capillary misting system, Platinum Shield Rust Proofing coats and adheres to all hidden and vulnerable surfaces of your vehicle. Platinum Shield Rust Proofing is clean, non-toxic, odour-free and cannot harm paint, electrical components, rubber or vinyl. It simply and effectively prevents moisture and oxygen (the two essentials for rust) from coming in contact with your vehicle's metal components.

Platinum Shield Paint Sealant - $149.95
At the factory and the nature of the system employed. The peaks and valleys of this uneven The clear coat finish on your vehicle's paint surface is actually quite uneven due to the autonomic process used surface are where dirt, salts, and moisture become embedded. Left untreated, this will dull and eventually ruin the factory shine, leaving you faced with a loss of value. Platinum Shield Paint Protection is professionally applied by trained technicians. Platinum Shield bonds to the vehicle's paint system, creating a smooth, impermeable finish that protects your paint from the elements. Platinum Shield Paint Protection keeps out pollutants, road salts and tars, and the sun's ultraviolet rays. These harmful agents will quickly dull and fade your paint.

Platinum Shield Fabric Guard - $99.95
Platinum Shield formula has an effective beading action which inhibits the penetration of both liquid and solid staining agents. Platinum Shield Fabric Guard penetrates individual fabric fibres so dirt and spills stay on top.

Platinum Shield Leather Protection - $99.95
  • Prevents cracking, hardening and fading.
  • Protects against spills and ground in dirt.
  • Keeps leather or vinyl soft and resilient.
  • Allows leather and vinyl to breath and makes cleaning easier.
  • Adds life to vinyl and leather upholstery.

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